The British Library: The Largest Library in London

Established in 1973 The British Library is not only the largest library in london, but also the entire world. The British Library holds over 170 million items, including almost 14 million books. However the library’s collection is growing every year, with around 3 million new items added annually.

The British Library’s collection includes books, manuscripts, newspapers, CDs and DVDs, drawings, and even stamps. The library’s collection contains items of many different languages and even manuscripts dating back to 2000 BC. Along with the collection inside the library itself, The British Library also provides many of its collections online such as Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks.

The impressive collection inside the largest library in london takes up 625 km of shelf space, which the library claims grows by 12 km every year. The British Library is open to the public and provides it’s massive collection to anyone in need of it. Being the largest library in London it’s no wonder it receives more than 1.75 million visitors each year.

Visiting the largest library in London isn’t just for academic purposes. It can also be a thrilling visit to a beautiful building filled with rich history and information. So whether you’re a bibliophile, or just a fan of books, The British Library is a dream come true.